Accelerate your performance with David

David AI is a GPT-style tool that can securely read, analyze, and discuss an attorney’s own client files, notes, and emails — and can provide precise links to key locations in those documents. Our technology compresses hours of mind-numbing document review down to seconds with a combination of generative AI, users’ own documents, and hyperlinked annotations. This works securely on the user’s own private case files, notes, and emails.
Powered by OpenAI and Anthropic, David lets you query your documents and get clear, referenced results. And that's just the beginning. David is designed by experts in law, AI, and computer science to meet your law research needs.

4 Reasons You'll Love David AI


Accurate and reliable
  • ✓ Instantly Verifiable Results
  • ✓ Informed, Data-Driven Decisions
  • ✓ Ever-Evolving Accuracy
  • ✓ Reliable Upgrades Continuously


Tailor-made for law research
  • ✓ Custom Fit for Legal Needs
  • ✓ Adapts to Your Research
  • ✓ Boosts Productivity Seamlessly
  • ✓ Understands Legal Context


Ideal for lawyers, law firms, and students
  • ✓ Easy, Intuitive Interface
  • ✓ Enhances Team Collaboration
  • ✓ Accelerates Learning
  • ✓ Versatile for All Legal Settings


  • ✓ Privacy as Priority
  • ✓ Compliant with Legal Standards
  • ✓ Controlled Access and Security
  • ✓ Top-Tier Data Protection

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