2nd Chair Shines at ABA TechShow 2024
Feb 10, 2024
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2nd Chair Shines at ABA TechShow 2024

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our customers and supporters. 2nd Chair has been selected as a finalist in the ABA TechShow 2024 based on 51,670 votes, alongside 14 other startup companies.

The ABA TechShow is one of the premier technology events in the industry, organized by the American Bar Association. Hosted in Chicago, IL, it brings together professionals from legal sectors to explore the latest advancements in technology, network with industry leaders, and share insights on how technology can transform and enhance legal practice.

This year, 15 innovative startup companies attended this four-day event, where they faced off in a pitch competition, pitching their technology to attendees to compete for most innovative startup of the year. Learn more about 2nd Chair’s selection in the TechShow, along with the other selected startups, here.

What We Presented

At the 2024 ABA TechShow, the 2nd Chair team presented our flagship product, David AI.

David has revolutionized legal work, making it easier and faster than ever to deconstruct legal documents. David is an AI tool that can securely read, analyze, and discuss an attorney’s own client files, notes, and emails. Users can ask David questions about their documents, and receive concise, accurate answers in response. Importantly, David provides precise references to key locations in those documents based on user questions.

Our presentation was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and interest. The feedback and inquiries we received from attendees were incredibly encouraging and affirmed the positive impact of 2nd Chair’s work. We were delighted by the opportunity to participate in such a pivotal and prominent technology competition.